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Terms & Conditions

Image sales and usage are subject to the following Terms & Conditions:

  • Pictures are supplied on a loan basis only; the fee you pay does not entitle you to copyright of the image.
  • When you purchase an image, you are paying to use it once only.
  • All images paid for at standard rates are supplied for editorial use only; if you need an image for commercial purposes, please contact us - we'll still beat everyone else on cost!
  • If an image is supplied by us, credit must be given when it's published; please credit to - images used in advertising may be exempt from this however
  • None of the images supplied by Magic Car Pics may be sold on to a third party.
  • Images used editorially may keep their registrations visible, but the registration must be blanked out on any picture used commercially.
  • If you fail to pay for an image at the agreed rate, you are breaching copyright by using that image. Fail to pay for an image and you may not use it in any context.
  • Our images may not be used online, in high-resolution form, as we just know they're going to get nicked. The maximum size with which we're comfortable is 900x700px - and they must also be credited.

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